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Temporary Assistance

Temporary Assistance (TA) is temporary help for needy men, women and  children. If you are unable to work, can’t find a job, or your job does  not pay enough, TA may be able to help you pay for your expenses. There are two types:

Family Assistance (FA) provides cash assistance to eligible needy families that include a minor child living with a parent (including families where both parents are in the household) or a caretaker relative. FA operates under federal Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) guidelines.

Safety Net Assistance (SNA)

Safety Net Assistance (SNA) provides cash assistance to eligible needy individuals and families who are not eligible for FA). SNA is for: 

  •     Single adults

  •     Childless couples

  •     Children living apart from any adult relative

  •     Families of persons found to be abusing drugs or alcohol

  •     Families of persons refusing drug/alcohol screening, assessment or treatment

  •     Aliens who are eligible for temporary assistance, but who are not eligible for federal reimbursement


The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP)

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps low-income people pay the cost of heating their homes.

If you are eligible, you may receive one regular HEAP benefit per  program year and could also be eligible for emergency HEAP benefits if  you are in danger of running out of fuel or having your utility service  shut off.


Department of Labor - Online Learning Through Coursera

The New York State Department of Labor is partnering with Coursera, providing access to nearly 4,000 programs across high-growth industries  and can hone skills in data science, business, and technology. Many of  these programs are pathways to certifications, professional certificates  and can help elevate your career.

These programs are developed in partnership with top universities around the globe based on current business needs.

New York State has a team of experts working to curate content based on  industry demand to help job seekers gain skills to help them advance in  their career. 

Registration is free!


Dept. of Sanitation Hiring Snow Laborers

The Department of Sanitation is hiring those 18+ and eligible to work in the US to earn up to $22.50 an hour removing snow and ice as a snow laborer.


Career Discovery NYC

Learn about specific careers and the skills needed to get a job in those occupations. If one of these careers interests you, you can access no-cost, online training for that career through Career Discovery NYC. Career Discovery NYC is currently available for tech careers. Career in healthcare, industrial and manufacturing, and media will be added in the Fall.


Food Benefits for All NYC Public School Students

In NYC, every single public school student will receive $420. Students in charter and parochial schools will receive P-EBT if their school participates in the federal school lunch program. Every single NYC public school student, ages 3-21, regardless of income or immigration status will receive P-EBT.


Spectrum Internet® Assist

One or more members of your household must be a recipient of one of the following assistance programs:

  • National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

  • Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) of the NSLP

  • Supplemental Security Income (for applicants age 65+ only)


NYC Affordable Housing Guide

"Getting ready to apply for affordable housing takes time—and it means more than just filling out paperwork. This guide will help you get organized so you can put together a strong application."


Cooling Assistance Benefit

Financial help to cover the cost and installation of an air conditioner or fan. The The Cooling Assistance benefit helps eligible households buy and install an air conditioner or fan up to a cost of $800.


Freelancers Relief Fund

Freelancers Relief Fund will offer financial assistance of up to $1,000 per freelance household to cover lost income and essential expenses not covered by government relief programs, including: Food/food supplies, Utility payments, Cash assistance to cover income loss.


NYC HRA Burial Assistance

The Human Resources Administration (HRA) will provide financial assistance to individuals in need of assistance to meet funeral expenses. Low-income New York City residents may be eligible for up to $900 in financial assistance to meet funeral expenses for a deceased low income New York City resident family member or friend.


Unemployment Application Guide for Self-Employed Individuals

Step-by-step visual guide to filing an unemployment insurance claim on New York State Department of Labor’s website


Economic impact payments: FAQs

The Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service today announced that distribution of economic impact payments will begin in the next three weeks and will be distributed automatically, with no action required for most people. Read all the most frequently asked question on the IRS site.


Unemployment Insurance Benefits: FAQs

On March 27, 2020, the President of the United States signed a law that provides additional Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) assistance to workers impacted by COVID-19. This new law provides: • Pandemic Unemployment Assistance – Extended eligibility for individuals who have traditionally been ineligible for UI benefits (e.g., self-employed workers, independent contractors); • Pandemic Unemployment Compensation – An additional $600 per week, on top of regular benefits, to all UI recipients; and, • Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation – An additional 13 weeks of UI benefits, beyond the regular 26 weeks already provided, for a total of 39 weeks of coverage.



ConEdison will not turn off your power if you’re having trouble making payments. They are also waiving new late-payment fees. No fees for making payments with credit cards or debit cards. Most customers can arrange for payment extensions and agreements.


Public Health Solutions

Public Health Solutions can help you with all your food and nutrition needs, access to high-quality maternal and child health programs and enrollment into health insurance.


90-Day Mortgage Relief & More

The new NYS directive includes: waiving mortgage payments based on financial hardship; no negative reporting to credit bureaus; grace period for loan modification; no late payment fees or online payment fees; postponing or suspending foreclosures. Also, banks will waive ATM fees, late fees, overdraft fees and fees for credits cards.


NYC Small Business Services - Find a Job

Search for jobs in the greater NYC area. 


NCYHA Rent Hardships

A household may qualify for a rent reduction based on rent hardship if all the following conditions are met: • There is at least a 5% reduction to gross income • Current rent is more than 30% of the net household income • Reduction in income has lasted at least two months.


Financial Assistance for Businesses

The NYC Employee Retention Grant Program is for small businesses with fewer than 5 employees a grant to cover 40% of payroll costs for two months to help retain employees. The NYC Small Business Continuity Loan Fund is for fewer than 100 employees who have seen sales decreases of 25% or more will be eligible for zero interest loans of up to $75,000.


Facebook Small Business Grants Program

Facebook is offering $100M in cash grants and ad credits to help during this challenging time. Applications will be available soon.


$200 Cash Assistance for Students

Scholly provides $200 in cash assistance, aiming to provide essential financial help to buy groceries, health supplies, and other necessities to those in need. If you’re a student, parent of a student, or graduate, you are able to apply.


Emergency Funds for Undocumented New Yorkers

The Betancourt-Macias Family Scholarship Foundation was first and formost founded to support the educational endeavors of undocumented people. If you are undocumented yourself or have family members who are undocumented and have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, fill out the request form for assistance.


Unemployment Application

NYS is waiving the 7-Day waiting period for Unemployment Insurance benefits for people who are out of work due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) closures or quarantines. Please check the website for instructions; all claims are effective on the Monday of the week in which they are filed.


Access NYC Eligibility

Find benefits and programs that you may be eligible for. You can also call 311 for more infomration.


New York Foundation for the Arts Emergency Grants

Links to over 15 grants, resources, and opportunities for artists and musicians.


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