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MHTTC - Educator Wellness Webinars

The Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center and the Northwest PBIS Network collaborated to present a free, 4-part webinar series presented by WellEducator, LLC. The Educator Wellness Webinar Series is part of The Well-Being Series - Connections During COVID-19: Mental Wellness Webinars for Families and Educators. 

School-Based Health Alliance

Find COVID-19 related articles, webinars, telehealth resources, and more for educators and other school personnel. 


Teq - PD for Remote Learning

Here you will find a series of webinars for Remote learning. This includes SMART Learning Suite Online, Google, and Microsoft Teams.


US Department of Education Fact Sheet - Students with Disabilities and COVID-19

US Department of Education guidance on addressing the risk of COVID-19 in preschool, elementary and secondary schools while serving children with disabilities and complying with the IDEA.


Fostering Social and Emotional Connectedness in Online Learning

This article describes how teachers can develop a sense of social and emotional connectedness with and between learners. This is vital, as students who feel social and emotional connection are less prone to depression and more likely to display socially appropriate behaviours, have higher levels of self-esteem, and achieve better assessment results.


Salvadori Center - Free STEAM Lessons

Salvadori has developed a series of free project-based STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) you can give to your students. These include:

  • Lesson plans with teacher guides

  • Student instructions and worksheets

  • Lists of common materials often found at home to complete projects

  • A design challenge to apply new concepts


Amplify: K - 5 Literacy Resources

Find free resources from Amplify's top-rated ELA program Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA). The materials make it easy for educators and families to help students, and students can also use these on their own.


DOE - Coronavirus Communications

Updates and resources from the DOE regarding regional enrichment centers, teaching from home, free grab and go meals, and more. 


Teaching Strategies for the Remote Classroom

"The key to using online strategies in any classroom, Dunlap says, is to choose what you want to teach and then add the technology —not the other way around."


Google's Distance Learning Resources

Distance learning strategies, Google tools (Classroom, Slides, Hangouts, etc.) tips and trainings, and helpful articles.


Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Questions and answers from the CDC, that outlines states’ responsibilities to infants, toddlers, and children with disabilities and their families, and to the staff serving these children. 


Teaching Through a Pandemic: A Mindset for This Moment

Hundreds of teachers, many of them operating in countries where teach-from-home has been in place for weeks, weigh in on the mental approach you need to stay grounded in this difficult time.


CASEL Cares - Social Emotional Learning During COVID-19

CASEL CARES is a new initiative that connects the SEL community with experts to address how SEL can be most helpful in response to today’s circumstances. Find free resources (updated regularly) designed to support educators, parents, and anyone who works with children.


Free Course: How to Teach Online

This short course will help you discover best practices, tools and resources for:

  • Fostering Online Discussions
  • Cultivating Classroom Culture through Zoom
  • Planning for Student Differences Online


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