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All Xfinity WiFi Public Hotspots are now open to everyone on the “xfinitywifi” SSID. Non-Xfinity subscribers need to accept Terms and Conditions to access the network and repeat when requested to continue to receive free unlimited access. Visit their website to locate available public hotspots.


Internet Essentials from Comcast

New Internet Essentials Comcast customers will receive 2 free months of Internet service, available to all qualified low-income households for $9.95/month plus tax. Apply by April 30, 2020. Once you are an Internet Essentials customer, you also have the option to purchase a laptop or desktop computer at a discounted price.



Beginning Monday, March 16th, Spectrum is offering two free months of internet and WiFi services to new customers in households with Pre-K to 12 or college students who need remote education. This discount will be applied as a credit for your first two months of internet services. They will waive any installation or pre-payment fees to help get you started.



Optimum WiFi for Communities

Optimum has opened up their Emergency Optimum WiFi outdoor hotspots for public use to non-subscribers. To find an Emergency Hotspot, visit the link. To join, in the Wi-Fi settings on your device, select the "optimumwifi-Emergency" network name and follow the prompts to log in.


Optimum for Students

In order to help students stay connected, Altice Advantage broadband is free for 60 days to any new household in our service area with K-12 and/or college students who may be displaced due to school closures and who do not currently have home internet access. If you live in the Optimum service area, please call 866-200-9522.



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